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Ormus refers to a collection of natural minerals that were first discovered by David Hudson, a farmer in Arizona who noticed that there were strange materials during a gold digging process.  


He spent a lot of time and money trying to extract these materials and after obtaining a patent, he named then ORMEs or Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements.  


The minerals are also referred to as m-state, white powder gold manna, philosopher’s stone and white gold among others.

History points to the fact that Ormus has been in use for quite some time by different people.  


Egyptians used the Monatomic gold (used by only pharaohs and the priestly class) as anti-ageing product, which is the case with present day natural therapists and naturopaths.  


There have been alchemist texts that have been extensively used in the creation of recipes that extract Ormus for different purposes such as healing of different illnesses among any other uses.   



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