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Magnetite Water


 Our mother nature has taken care of most of our woes by providing unbelievable solutions to almost all physical problems.

Magnetite Water

 The magical mineral called magnetite is stored in nature in synchronisation ormus minerals. Magnetite is magnetic and has a powerful positive-negative polarity that has been proved. The Magnetite provides the healing necessary for recovery.

 Magnetite Water Benefits

Magnetite Water Benefits

The subtle energy field that these unique minerals possess is very amazing to say the least! These effects are also one very few to explain the magnificent effect of magnetite water. Magnetite water has numerous ways for consumption. Direct consumption from sprigs proved to be the best way to enjoy the benefits of magnetite water. The charged particles of this water aggravates hat ever you intake during this consumption that is why supplements and drug consumption during this period must be avoided. If with magnetite water the consumption of calcium as well magnesium is increased it proves to be better for health.

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Magnetite Water Research

 The research on these wonderful effects of magnetite is still under full swing and needs full attention as day after day lots more beneficial effects are getting unfolded. The ratio of intake of ormus with magnetite is taken as low as 50/50 but one has to change the ratio and see what works best for them.

The cost of the raw material is still low and once the full analytical review comes before the public soon it will take a huge leap.

So, if you have problems regarding the above mentioned do try magnetite water and it may prove excellent for you.



Magnetite Water ChargersMEOW
(Magnetite Effect Ormus Water)

Magnetite Kettle

 These chargers are designed to charge your water and effect the water structure to help your body absorb the water. The Magnetite will release the Ormus in the water. These chargers will hold 1 bottle of 23.7 oz of water each.

 When drinking spring water that is charged with the magnetite we have found it beneficial to increase your calcium/magnesium intake.We have noticed spring or well water takes a charge the very best.  Distilled or Reverse Osmosis or tap water does not seem to be as effective.

 We have found through extensive testing that anywhere from 3-5 days is the best return for the time to charge your water.

We have found that the best results are achieved when the water is as close to the earth as possible. So putting the container on a ground floor is the best but if you do not have that option anywhere that works for you will be fine.

If you can keep them away from as much electronic equipment, radio waves or EMF's as possible. Just do your best and put them where you feel good about them. If you keep your chargers in a dark area then just one day a month brings them into full sun for a day.

The sun mixed with the magnetic pull of the earth seems to keep the magnetite in the same condition as found in the wild.

Also we have a mixture of other earth charging elements we can mix with the magnetite if desired.

Some of the things you can add that help in the Ormus Water Charging process is.

  • EM Ceramic Powder 
  • Paramagnetic Dirt/Minerals 
  • Diatomaceous Earth 
  • Fulvic Acid Powder 
  • Pascolite Clay 
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt 
  • Dead Sea Salt 
  • Laminar Crystal Powder 
We have 2 sizes of Magnetite Charging Kettles

Meow Kettle Side view

 First one is about 8 lbs of Magnetite in a plastic cylinder with a cardboard center to let the energy flow into the water directly. The middle cylinder is 3 inches in diameter. This will hold a 23.7 oz bottle or smaller size 16.9 oz.

 The second one is about 10 lbs of Magnetite in a plastic cylinder with a cardboard center to let the energy flow into the water directly. The middle cylinder is 3 inches in diameter. This will hold a 1 liter (SmartWater Bottle) 23.7 oz bottle or smaller size 16.9 oz.

 (3) units will give you the ability to charge 3 bottles at a time so you can then drink 1 bottles a day of Charged Water

 (6) units will give you the ability to charge 6 bottles at a time so you can then drink 2 bottles a day of Charged Water or share with someone one you care for each day.

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Ormus Minerals MEOW Water Energizer Magnetite Water Charger

 Magnetite LB Cost/unit  Shipping Totals  Order Link
(1) each
8 lb
$50.00 S/H $11.00 Add to Shopping Cart 

(3) each
24 lb

$130.00 S/H $30.00 

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 (6) each
48 lb
 $240.00 S/H $45.00 

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(1) each  
10 lb
$60.00  S/H $15.00   Add to Shopping Cart
 (3) each  
30 lb
$150.00  S/H $30.00   Add to Shopping Cart
 (6) each
60 lb
$280.00  S/H $45.00

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MEOW kettle water charger

An energy that feeds your body and mind.


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