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Great Salt Lake Salt  

Great Salt Lake salt is the largest natural salt lake west of the Mississippi. This lake is around 35 miles wide and about 75 miles long. This lake doesn’t have an outlet and that’s why it’s salty.  

Tributary rivers are always bringing in small quantities of salt dissolved in their water flow.  

Once in the lake, a lot of water fades away leaving the salt behind.  

This lake is too salty to support fish and many other aquatic animals. Various types of algae live in this lake. 

 Brine flies and brine shrimp can tolerate the high saline content and eat the algae.  

Great Salt Lake salt attracts many visitors for a variety of leisure experiences. Bridge Bay Beach located on the north end of Antelope is possibly the coolest on the entire lake. Bridge Bay Beach is two mile long.  

Bridge Bay Beach is where most people go to float like a cork since they cannot sink in the lake. 

The Great Salt Lake water and salt are very high in Ormus and magnesium so works great for the Wet method. 



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