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History of Ormus

Chapter 10  

How to get Ormus into your life today
Looking at the History of Ormus

Ancient history is checkered with references to substances and materials which are in all likelihood Ormus. These have spanned times and cultures some of which had never even had contact which each other in any way. In fact all the major religious texts also seem to make mention Ormus or Ormus like materials.

As time passed some scholars have theorized this knowledge was purposely hidden. With formulas and methods of extraction kept a kind of closely guarded secret and passed orally among alchemists, secret societies and other kindred spirits some information was lost completely.

Until the 1970s and a wealthy cotton farmer and gold miner named David Hudson in Arizona made a startling discovery. Hudson had been intrigued by volcanic soil on his land and was curious if it contained any precious metals he could make a profit off of. He ordered samples sent to a lab for a full analysis. The results left both the technicians and later Hudson himself baffled.

In some of the samples there was a small amount of material which no chemical reactions, no metal like character and no signature when examined with a spectroscope. After a forward thinking lab tech exposed the material to a longer time under intense heat the substance transformed and surprisingly began showing some qualities in common with the most precious of metals.

Aiming to seize what looked to be the opportunity of a life time Hudson invested in a team of chemists
and put them to good work. The modern study of the Ormus materials had finally begun!

Hudson filed for and received several patents covering both some of the materials and an extraction process for the Ormus. Amazingly this occurred on one hand while on the other mainstream science journals ignored the discovery almost completely.
How to get Ormus into your life today
This marked an important moment in the modern history of Ormus as it inspired David Hudson to personally spread the word about these minerals and elements.

Hudson published a natural health style newsletter which served to greatly raise awareness of Ormus as well as all of its health benefits and likely ties to substances from the ancient times that did near miracles for mankind.

Hudson followed this with an even more important nationwide series of lectures on Ormus. These lectures were the perfect combination of inspired, passionate, educational and attended. Not only did more dedicated people begin to use and extract the Ormus minerals, but they also wrote about it and spoke about it with zeal. This had a domino like effect and knowledge of and desire to use Ormus spread like wildfire.

Hudson eventually had some bad accidents and poor business decisions which saw him withdraw into seclusion, but this hardly mattered by that point. Awareness about Ormus had been successfully raised and there was no way anyone could make it a secret again.

There were (and are) many others in this time period and today who have also contributed to all of us learning more and more about Ormus. Names like Barry Carter minus whom its hard to say what may have happened without all of their tireless work in the field. Carter especially did a great job promoting Ormus in the early days of the internet running some of the first websites and e-mail lists dedicated to the topic. He is still an active voice today.

As bright as the recent history and present of Ormus may be it truly pales in comparison to its blindingly bright near future. Stay tuned, it's not to be missed if you are interested in living life to the fullest! 

Ormus Alchemy
How to get Ormus into your life today
Alchemy is an ancient philosophy whose initial practitioners and specialists claim assert that profound and intense powers originate from antiquity.  

This relates to the making of the Philosophers Stone, capacity to change base metals into silver, gold or noble metals, and talks about youth and longevity, which is The Elixir of Life.  

It expounds the possibility that nature and its spirit and soul resided in stone, water, metal and organic matter.  

This philosophy strongly portrays this as the key to health and enlightenment.  

The ancient alchemical process commencing from the Dead Sea salt and concluding with noble metals that are isolated (such as gold silver and platinum) in mono atomic form, finally results to Ormus.

Another name for ORMUS is ORME which stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements.  

Ormus is a group of substances that are said to illustrate a variety of phenomenal and miraculous properties, which may include super conductivity at room temperature and also possess supposed healing abilities.  

Ormus' chemical characteristics are identical to that of precious metals in an unusual state of matter, where the metals occur as single separate atoms and do not form any crystals or bonds.  

Another theory is that Ormus is the essence of life, which means it is the material that the life force and soul of every single living organism is made from, or rather where it originates from.

Ormus is theorized to have the following characteristics: It has the ability to;
- Read another person's mind.
- The ability to act as a superconductor.
- Rectify any errors in found in the DNA.
- To some extent levitate or raise the earth's magnetic field.
- To be fused to a transparent glass.
- Emit gamma radiation
- Have the characteristics of a flash powder, of emitting explosions of light.

Ormus Alchemy enables advancement in the area of consciousness and in particular, the area of spiritual consciousness.  

It facilitates an individual to explore a new level of consciousness.  

It also enables the remembrance of dreams. It helps in the healing of any damaged DNA. Likewise, it enhances meditation by decreasing stress and increasing the sense of wellbeing.  

It also reduces aging by reducing scars, wrinkles, grey hair and stretch marks, revitalizing the person's youth.  

In addition, it reverses hair loss and in turn increases hair growth. Its products are anti-fungal antibacterial and antiparasitic, which are good for detoxification purposes.  

Finally, their products help reduce soreness in muscles and joints because they have anti-inflammatory functions. 
How to get Ormus into your life today
Ormus Alchemy products can be in form of Manna (Liquid Ormus) which can be ingested.  

They are also infused in moisturizing lotions and oils for application on the body. These products vary in their function.

It is certain that Ormus Alchemy is a revolutionary technology and it is the key to the future wellness of the world's population.  

With the growing popularity of people who continue use it and benefit from it, in due time, these products will be heralded as the greatest and utmost scientific discovery of our modern times. 

 How to get Ormus into your life today


Information Backing Ormus Research Studies

Every athlete and fitness fanatic could use a boost at some point during their everyday exercise routines.  

Just about everyone is looking for an energy boost, and many chemical and pharmaceutical companies are willing to market pills that provide just that.  

But if you want a natural way to elevate your energy level, look into trying some Ormus mineral supplements. There is a significant body of Ormus research that has demonstrated the enervating power being these miraculous natural minerals.  

This guide is written to help you discover some of the evidence behind these supplements, and encourage you to take a step towards improving your fitness and enhancing your connection to natural energy boosters.

You may be asking, what are Ormus minerals and how exactly will they help me? Experts consider Ormus minerals to include so called monatomic elements, which may also be called m-state elements.  

Research has demonstrated that these are minerals whose atomic structures are comprised of particles which are not structurally bound as they usually are.  

Often, these atomic particles have the same composition as other minerals, but have obtained a different material state and can be classified as 'exotic' mineral structures.  

Some Ormus minerals may include salts that have been collected from the Himalayan Mountains, or other salt minerals which may have been harvested from oceanic areas or the Dead Sea.

There are many proven benefits that have been demonstrated from taking Ormus minerals as a way to enhance your stamina throughout the day.  

For many people, these benefits manifest themselves through improved resiliency that can push your physical endurance to limits you never would have expected before taking the minerals. 

 It can also rejuvenate the physical and spiritual bodies of people who may have been afflicted by various illnesses, or who have simply grown old.  

Many people report feeling many years younger, and more fit, as a result of ingesting Ormus minerals identified as having special, naturalized properties.  

Best of all, this is only the beginning of what has been discovered by Ormus research.  

Experts speculate that there are many unlocked benefits in areas of research that scientists haven't even begun to investigate.

Another proven benefit that has been demonstrated through Ormus research, is that the minerals can enhance a person’s cognition is a number of different ways.  

Some of these enhancements include greater clarity of thought, and improved focus that will give a boost to anyone's productivity either at the office or while cramming for tests.  

Just about everyone could stand to gain from having their mental abilities enhanced, and it can be done in an all-natural and safe way!  

Some Ormus research indicates that minerals containing humic and fulvic acids can allow people to increase their cognitive ability by orders of magnitude.

Furthermore, Ormus research has proven that these minerals can improve and stabilize the mood for many different people.  

For those suffering from anxiety related disorders, Ormus has demonstrated that natural minerals have the ability to initiate calm, soothing feelings.  

For many spiritualists, these minerals have been thought of as acting like a key to enlightenment during meditative sessions.  

Because research has demonstrated they can enhance the mental capacity of those taking them, these minerals may unlock spiritual doors for those looking to reach a higher plane of consciousness. 

How to get Ormus into your life today

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