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Making Ormus Oil Recipe  


Making Ormus oil recipe is not such a hard task. In fact it is nothing much apart from having an unrefined salt which could be grey Celtic or pink Himalayan Crystal Salt, or the best which is Dead Sea Salt and very good quality oil which could be from hempseed, coconut oil or grapeseed.  

From experience Grapeseed is high in ormus and the best at absorbing into the skin. 

 The tools you require here are simple. You just need to have 2 jars with tight lids, laundry marker, a funnel and an unbleached coffee filter. 

 Firstly, use an indelible marker to mark one jar by pouring 1 cup of water into the jar and making it with a line. Add another 1 cup of water and mark it once again.  

You will now have a jar with 1 a cup mark and a full cap mark.  

This is the significant part you must not forget when making Ormus oil recipe.  

 Now dry the jar after which you should pour salt into it to 1 a cup mark, and the oil top the 2nd mark for the full cup.  

 Screw the lead tightly and shake it well. The cover the jar using foil and let it stay in the jar for like three days shaking it well every now and then. 

 After 3 days put the filter in the funnel and set the funnel into the second jar. Pour in it the oil and salt mixture then drain it well.  

Disregard the remnant salt, wrap the jar in foil.  

At this time it is ready. Store the Ormus oil) and if necessary, refrigerate it if necessary in order to avoid rancidity.  

As simple as it is this is all you need when making Ormus oil recipe.   



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