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Easy to Find High Ormus Foods  


Ormus is easily found in many food products that are sold in grocery and health food stores.  


While not enough alone to see the wide range of benefits, high ormus foods can be consumed in addition to high potency ormus supplements to increase ormus levels in the body.  

The highest concentration of ormus is found in common drinks such as concord grape juice, carrot juice, coconut water and aloe vera juice concentrate.  


Both sea water and spring water are also high in ormus.  


The best high ormus foods widely available in stores are almonds, water cress, chocolate and garlic.  


Therefore, anyone can begin to add ormus to their diet very simply. 

Another category of high ormus foods include well-known health substances such as blue green algae, bee pollen, St. John's Wort, and flax seed oil.  


More exotic examples that have a high level of ormus are goji berries used by the Chinese, apricot seeds, blood root and interestingly calf and pig brain.  



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