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Health Benefits of C11 Ormus  

Generally, c11 ormus comprises all the eighty elements and minerals that occur naturally in sea water. Several researches have been conducted on the possible health benefits of c11 ormus and there are some indications that these elements may help the following diseases. 


Basically, c11 ormus has vanadium and chromium which is the main element that repairs the pancreas. To that note, studies have shown that about 250 people who were suffering from diabetes were successfully treated with c11 ormus. 


On the whole, C-11 raises the immune system of people suffering from emphysema. In fact, studies conducted on five people who were suffering from this disease showed that, they fully recovered after taking C11 ormus. 

Heart disease 

Additionally, C-11 helps in treating various heart diseases such as heart attack and high blood pressure. Six patients who were suffering from severe heart problems recovered well after being treated with C-11 elements. 



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